During the course of the Vet Futures project Sally Williams & Associates carried out a range of research activities in order to build an evidence base from which an action plan could be developed.

Activities included:

  • Desk-based research looking at issues facing the veterinary profession in the UK, as well as in the United States and Europe, and to consider trends in other relevant professions
  • Giving consideration to the current profile of the profession and its impact, including working trends, numbers, rewards, health and wellbeing, changing markets, use of technologies, evidence-based practice, client expectations and other pressures
  • Focus groups with members of RCVS and BVA Councils and with pet owners
  • Phone interviews with representatives of stakeholder organisations
  • Phone interviews with individual veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses
  • Phone interviews with bodies representing end-users of veterinary services, for example, farmers and pet owners
  • Survey amongst approximately 750 BVA members
  • A broader survey of vets, VNs and practice managers
  • Gathering data via social media, the internet and meetings

We published results right the way through the project.