Claire Speight RVN

New VN career case studies published

To observe the end of the British Veterinary Nursing Association’s Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month, we have published a suite of new blogs and a VN Futures Board update.

VN Futures is a joint initiative, from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) and the British Veterinary Nursing Association (BVNA), that aims to help the veterinary nursing profession visualise future challenges and how best to respond to them to promote and ensure a vibrant and sustainable profession into the future.

The new blogs cover veterinary nursing career case studies and aim to highlight differing career pathways available to veterinary nurses. Three new career cases have been recently added, from Carl Rudkin, an oncology nurse at Davies Veterinary Specialists; Samantha Thomson, a clinical nursing manager at North Downs Veterinary Referrals; and Claire Speight (pictured), a head nurse at Vets4Pets Kettering.

“The veterinary nursing profession offers many opportunities for career progression, and the case studies, from veterinary nurses in a wide variety of different roles, are a great way to help nurses find more about the diverse career pathways available,” says VN Futures Project Manager Jill Macdonald.

One of the new career case studies interviews Claire Speight who is Head Nurse at Kettering Vets4Pets and, in addition to working in practice, regularly lectures to veterinary nurses, students and members of the public on rabbit medicine and surgery. The case study covers what Claire enjoys about her job as well as what she finds challenging. It also looks at how she achieved her current position and her plans for the future.

Claire says that what she enjoys about her job is “working with the best team and all the lovely animals and clients we meet every day. Each day is different – you just never know what will walk through the door. When you have been involved in a case and watching the patient reunited with their owner, knowing you have helped to achieve that.”

Read Claire’s full story.

In addition to the blogs, there is also a section offering an introduction to the VN Futures Board members, appointed in May 2018; and an update on a recent meeting, available on the website. The Board report progress on the VN Futures initiative with a notable achievement being the approval of the Post-registration Qualifications Framework by VN Council earlier this month. The framework was created from the work carried out by the VN Futures Post Registration Qualifications Working Group, and will offer the opportunity for nurses to study for an Advanced Certificate in Veterinary Nursing.

The Board has also formalised the working groups around key themes from the 2016 VN Futures report.

“The Working Groups are where the real work and delivery of the VN Futures initiative lives. We are fortunate to be able to draw upon a breadth of talent and diversity of interests. This is a timely refresh of the membership of our Working Groups ensuring members are available and willing to help progress these important matters,” a spokesperson said.

Read the full Board update.

Contact details for those wishing to get involved in the VN Futures initiative can be found online.